Our sea, a strategic resource. The Canary Sea has no international recognition, limited to inland waters, that is, to the gulfs enclosed by an imaginary line that delimits a bay. The rest of our theoretical jurisdictional waters are 12 miles around each island, administered by the Spanish State, being the rest international waters or belonging to the exclusive economic zone of Morocco and/or Portugal, reasons for which we appreciate that you sign the petition of this link to, having recognition on our sea, proceed to its protection. 

Endless military maneuvers. On the 23rd and 24th of January, the DACEX-18 Exercise, organized by the Combat Air Command of Spain (MACOM), will be held in the Canary archipelago. The deployment will involve aircraft belonging to the following units of the Spanish Air Force: Ala 11 (Morón Air Base), Ala 15 and Ala 31 (Zaragoza Air Base), Ala 46 (Gando Air Base) and Group of Schools of Matacán (Matacán Air Base). In addition, the Navy frigate Álvaro de Bazán assigned to the Defense and Air Operations Command (MDOA) will be integrated.The militaristic maneuvers with this acronym have been carried out annually in the Canary Islands since 2004, causing an enormous contamination, both chemical and acoustic and interfering with the civil air traffic, having to repeatedly close the Gando airport in Gran Canaria, with the corresponding damage to our population as well as our visitors (Canarian airports received more than fifty million passengers in 2017). 

The death of cetaceans in our waters is directly related to the use of military probes, as demonstrated by Canarian and British researchers, whose results have been published by the prestigious journal Nature since 2003 (remember that the maneuvers by land, sea and air they started the following year 2004). Since March 12, 1986, the clever Canarian people rejected their integration into any military structure, especially NATO. Through the Referendum held on March 12, 1986, whose 32nd anniversary will be commemorated on March 12, 2018, the peaceful and pacifist Canarian people refused to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), contrary to what Spain did, who decided to be part of that military structure, which we respect, but we demand that our democratic decision be treated with the same respect. 

The oil companies, main responsible for climate change. The oil companies, which discharge huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the main greenhouse gas, are the main responsible for global warming and, therefore, the climate change that is causing such tragic consequences to this planet. Our damaged people already accumulates a great experience in defense of their territory, because their secular fight against the unnecessary and, ecologically, aggressive port of Granadilla to gas the Canary archipelago, has followed its fierce opposition to the first oil prospecting of Repsol and Kosmos, with tortice authorizations from Spain and Morocco, respectively, and now the Italian ENI with the authorization again from Morocco, with the inherent dangers of contamination of the Canary-Sahara Fisheries Bank, the main nutrient upwelling area worldwide, in addition to the uncontrolled discharge of sewage into the ocean that has triggered contamination by cyanobacteria, specifically the species Trichodesmium erythraeum, to which must be added the transformation of our ports in repair workshops of oil platforms, with the corresponding damage to the population from pollution chemistry and sound, besides more than the damage to the marine ecosystems by introduction of exogenous species documented by different investigations, specifically species of exotic corals (Tubastraea coccinea and Oculina patagonica). In our opinion, the reasons given for taking action on the matter are powerful before it is too late, assuming that we are still on time, reasons why we reiterate our request to sign the proposed petition and promote it appropriately according to the possibilities of each one.